As you can see, I’m not very good at writing updates. I’ll try to improve on that in the future.

I’m nearly finished with adding the SB2C overseas losses from the accident reports to the Overseas Loss database. I’ve decided to work on only the overseas losses from the accident reports at this time. I’ll start back to work on the squadron rosters after I’ve made decent headway on the overseas losses. When I finish with the SB2c losses, I’ll start working on inputting data on the F4F losses.

Chris has recently added the ability for us to link pilot and aircrew photos and Google Map locations to the Overseas Losses database and  pilot and aircrew photos to the Personnel database. For a sample of how that looks, type in Wear, Clinton to the search box in the Overseas Losses database. Now all I have to do is find the time to load coordinates for all of the locations that losses occurred.

So far we only have photos of three pilots to link to the Overseas Losses database. If anyone has photos of pilots or aircrew that they can scan and share with us to add to the databases, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks for checking in on the site.

Mac & Chris